a developer and accelerator of companies that bring forth technologies which have important, immediate & transformational impacts on health, energy and global environmental issues

The company’s founders have been working with cutting-edge scientists, doctors, researchers and physicists for more than 15 years in the support of radically new technologies. Many of these technologies are now commercially ready and will soon be introduced into the market via licensing and partnerships with industry leaders.

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These paradigm-changing technologies are based on the principle of Resonance Physics, and represents over 20 years of research and development, with significant funding occurring prior to RTG’s formation.

Resonance Physics is an emerging model of science that addresses the flaws and paradoxes of the current “Standard Model” of science. Resonance Physics is based upon a unified view of science that connects Quantum Mechanics and the theory of relativity. This new model is being validated through peer-reviewed papers published by associates of RTG, such as The Resonance Science Foundation and other global researchers.

Our Commitments

One of our founding goals is to facilitate relationships with innovative thinkers allowing for intellectual property to be respected and to ensure that the technologies are not inhibited. Historically, many technologies with potential to have tremendous positive impact have been prevented from coming to market and we vow to prevent this from happening.