Investing in Humanity

Resonant Technologies Group (RTG) is a science and technology investment accelerator committed to solving humanity’s biggest problems.

Creating a Better World

Transformative innovations that benefit humanity.

Changing Lives

Breakthrough technologies to improve global health

Saving the Planet

Sustainable solutions to support future generations

Powering Tomorrow

Renewable sources of power to fuel a global economy


Regenerative Biophoton Therapy

Breakthrough biophoton technology that enhances regenerative capacity in the human body by activating and directing platelet derived growth factors and stem cells into human plasma.

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Health Diagnostics & Neurofeedback

Voice analytics delivering fast, accurate and non-invasive diagnostics for health conditions, specific neurofeedback, wellness support and proven cognitive function improvement.

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Frequency Health Products

Frequency-imprinted products that safely and effectively support common health issues including stress, sleep, and energy.

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Divina Biotech

Advanced Immunotherapy

Cutting-edge immunomodulation technology activating the immune system against most diseases through an advanced immunotherapy serum.

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Resonant Audio Hardware

The world’s first audio hardware using revolutionary scalar technology and natural wave production for sound healing.

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Quantum Resource Extraction and Recycling

Increasing yield from precious metals and rare extraction mining with a proprietary combination of plasma, scalar and frequency technologies.

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Frequency Enabled Agriculture

UpTerra is changing how we grow food, plants, all things. Using electromagnetic information and frequencies to work in resonance with growing and emulate nature

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Next Generation Energy Storage

Nanocrystalline energy cells with the potential to continually recharge themselves directly from the ambient environment.

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Sourcefield Solutions

Positive Gain Electric Motors

Regenerative motors with substantially reduced energy consumption profiles, achieved by redirecting Lenz forces using patented magnetic diode processes.

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Solid-State Generators

Solid state technologies that are capable of recovering energy that is typically lost in power management/storage systems, thereby increasing their efficiencies and longevity.

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Precious Metals / Mineral Extraction

Revolutionary technology to change how mining works, how we can rectify environmental problems using plasma and scalar technologies.

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